You don’t need to be a professional cabinetmaker to put together our flat pack system. Our cabinets are precision-cut using CNC machines, ensuring that all parts fit together perfectly. Each flat pack cabinet comes with a set of detailed, job-specific assembly instructions, making assembly a breeze. These instructions are included with your flat pack (located behind the attached Hardware Picklist A4 page) and are tailored to your specific job based on the exact size of cabinetry you’ve selected.

TIP: In conjunction with the information/tips provided below, we recommend you watch the [Assembly VIDEO Instructions] to make your DIY experience simple.

Tools you typically need:

• Phillips head screwdriver: for door and drawer adjustments, and tightening Cam fittings.
• Cordless drill: for general screw assembly.
• Rubber mallet or hammer.
• 10mm spanner: for connecting benchtop toggle joints.

You’ll Need to Supply or Purchase (Additionally):

• Sanitary grade (neutral cure) silicone and PVA wood glue if you’ve ordered laminated benchtops.
• Cabinet anchors/bolts to fit the cabinet to the wall, depending on the type of wall (e.g., stud frame, brick, concrete, metal frame, etc.).

Included in Your Order:

• Job-specific assembly instructions: please read carefully before beginning assembly, as most questions should be answered here.
• Cabinet carcasses: each part labelled for easy cross-referencing with assembly instructions.
• Doors and/or drawer fronts.
• All necessary screws and hardware (door hinges, drawer runners, etc), unless you’ve opted for the carcass-only option.
• End panels (if ordered).
• Benchtops (if ordered).
• Kickboards (if ordered).
• Headboard panels (if ordered).
• Handles (if ordered).
• Appliances (if ordered).
• Any accessories (if ordered), such as wire baskets or storage systems.

Benchtop Joining Tips:

Allow enough uninterrupted time for joining laminated benchtops. Minimize distractions, as the glue sets quickly. Be prepared, and you should have no problems with the process.

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