Kitchen Lighting

Lighting in your kitchen is a very personal choice, however it is a very important aspect of how a kitchen can be more efficient and enjoyable to work in. It often deserves more thought than you might think, as you don’t want to have a beautiful kitchen but poor lighting, dark corners and lights behind you casting shadows over where you work can make it less desirable to work in.

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Kitchen Flooring

Choosing the right materials for floor covering is a compromise between taste, budget, and maintenance. Kitchen floors must survive the heaviest traffic and no matter what happens, the floor must not allow water to permeate it. The basic choice is between the soft and warm feeling of the timbers, corks, linoleum and vinyl as against the great looks but hard and cold touch of the ceramic tiles, stone and granites.

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Kitchen Colour, Finish & Design

What is trending in kitchen colour, finish and design? High-Contrast Designs, Warm Neutrals, Two-Tone Cabinets, Natural Materials, Black Accents, Bold Backsplashes, Matte Finishes, Vintage and Retro Vibes, Mixed Metals...

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Kitchen Appliances

Appliances have a major bearing on kitchen design, as there are so many types. Review your Current Appliances, firstly, you need to evaluate which existing appliances you will be re-using in the kitchen and add these to your design brief list. Here is a list of the Appliances that are ‘Typically’ replaced:

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