How Do I Measure The Room?

How To Measure

Before diving into ordering your flat packs, it’s essential to take accurate measurements of your available space. This seemingly straightforward task is pivotal, laying the groundwork for all your planning and design endeavours. Though not overly complicated, ensuring precise measurements is key, as it can spare you from future frustrations and unnecessary expenses.

Helpful measuring tips

Measuring do’s

  • Measure to the outside of architraves for all windows and doors.
  • Measure height of the room from the floor to the ceiling.
  • Note overhead bulkheads that may limit standard installation.
  • The height from the floor to any windows to ensure that cabinets and benchtops fit.
  • Note the location of any new or existing light switches and power outlets.
  • Note the location of existing plumbing and electricity outlets.
  • Make sure the location of the sink bowl is centred over a suitable size cabinet.
  • Check manufacturers’ specifications for appliances prior to ordering your kitchen.

Measuring do not’s

  • Put your fridge and cooking appliances next to each another.
  • Undertake gas, electrical or plumbing work yourself unless qualified.
  • Place cooking appliances under windows or near inward opening doors.
  • Position your rangehood any closer than 600mm from the top of your cooktop.
  • Forget your end panels on either side of appliance cabinets and to cover the exposed side of cabinet runs.
  • Forget to leave a minimum of 300mm clearance on either side of your cooktop to any pantries or panels.

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