Described as the central hub of any home, the kitchen is where cooking, dining, and socializing converge. Despite the vast array of styles found in kitchens, they commonly feature elements from our diverse range of cabinetry categories.

1-Base Cabinets

2-Upper Cabinets

3-Tall Cabinets

4-Applied Panel

5-Kick Board

1-Base cabinets are essential components of any kitchen design. Positioned beneath benchtops or integrated with other cabinetry, such as tall units, they form the foundational structure of your kitchen layout, tailored to meet your specific requirements. These cabinets offer a variety of options, including units with doors, drawers, open shelving, and even specialized features like built-in ovens and wine racks.

2-Upper cabinets, also referred to as Wall or Overhead cabinets, are ideal for optimizing storage in your kitchen area. Mounted on the wall above your benchtop, they come in various configurations including single and double-door units, open shelving setups, and cabinets tailored to accommodate rangehoods.

3-Tall or pantry cabinets are designed to efficiently utilize larger kitchen spaces, offering ample storage for pantry food, appliances and more. Our collection boasts a diverse range of options, including units with doors, inner drawers, open shelving, all tailored to meet your specific needs. Applied panels, specifically, refer to panels attached to the side of cabinets that terminate a run of cabinets in a kitchen. Crafted from materials matching your cabinet doors, they provide a seamless finish, concealing any exposed cabinet carcass panels for a finished look.

4-Applied panels can also be used in between cabinetry – for example, the tall cabinet (number 3) in the picture has an applied panel on both of its sides to complete the unit. Without this applied panel, the inside of the cabinet underneath the Upper cabinet would be exposed.

If your cabinets are all the same depth and height, and you do not need to create a space in between them, then you will not need to place an applied panel in between cabinets. oven units. While typically used in the kitchen, they can also be used for wardrobes, offices and more.

5-Kickboard is used to cover the exposed adjustable legs along the bottom of the base cabinets. Kickboard creates a clean finished look to your cabinetry.


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Base Cabinets

Applied Panel

Kick Board

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Note: The substrate for our bench tops is 33mm thick HMR (High Moisture Resistant) Particleboard. With laminate added to the substrate, the finished bench top thickness is approximately 34mm thick.

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