Some Pre-odering hints

  • Number all the cabinets in your sketch.
  • Start with the floor cabinets and work left to right numbering the cabinets.
  • Continue the number sequencing with the upper cabinets, again working left to right.
  • Provide a list of common heights and depths for each type of cabinet. For example, base cabinets are 750mm
    high x 560mm deep, upper cabinets are 800mm high x 320mm deep, and pantry cabinets are 2100mm high x 580mm
  • Create a detailed list of cabinets, indicating the type and size of each cabinet. For example, “Cabinet #1:
    Base 2-door cupboard 900mm; Cabinet #2: Base 4-drawer 450mm,” and so on.”


TIP: Start quoting your project from the ground up. Begin by reviewing your design or sketch and follow a left-to-right approach. Begin with the floor cabinets, working in the numerical order you assigned them previously.

Earlier, we provided suggestions on how to PLAN, DESIGN, and MEASURE, offering best practice tips and trade tricks.

You’ve double-checked your measurements, designed your DIY project, and you are ready to go!

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STEP TWO – Enter Custom Cabinets

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