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Ready2Install Cabinets has an easy 4-step process to follow (Plan; Quote; Pickup/Deliver; Assembly/Install). Designed for DIY enthusiasts who relish challenges and strive for excellence. Our flat pack engineered system is tailored to provide guidance and support at every stage of your project. With our system, you can tackle your endeavour confidently, knowing you’re on track for a successful outcome.

Assembly & Delivery options are also available.

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What cupboard do I need? 

Are you prepared to order your DIY flat packs but require some clarification on the cabinetry you need? Look no further. We’ll guide you through different areas of your house and recommend the types of cabinets that will help in completing your project.

How Do I Measure A Room?

Before diving into flat pack ordering, accurate space measurements are crucial.This seemingly straightforward task is pivotal for  all your planning and design endeavours. Ensuring precision is key, sparing you from future frustrations and expenses.


Before you start designing, it’s essential to understand how you want your dream kitchen to function. Functionality is a critical element of any kitchen design and can be the defining factor that separates a good kitchen from a truly outstanding one. To find the right kitchen functionality for your needs, consider how you currently use your kitchen and what feels comfortable to you. Make a list of features you want to keep and ones you want to change. Focus on creating three main working zones: storage (fridge, freezer, pantry), washing (sink, dishwasher), and cooking (oven, cooktop). Arrange these zones in a “working triangle” for efficiency.

Here are some typical kitchen layouts, each designed with these three zones in mind.

Customised Cabinets

There is nothing modular about our cabinets. We offer customisable cabinets for DIY’s. Our cabinet systems are designed to be easily adjusted and modified by individuals who enjoy do-it-yourself projects. They come with interchangeable parts, adaptable shelving, and versatile configurations, allowing DIY enthusiasts to tailor the cabinets’ size, layout, and organisation to their specific needs. This adaptability empowers users to craft unique storage solutions that perfectly fit their spaces and requirements, making it an excellent choice for those who relish hands-on customisation.

You’ve double-checked your room measurements, designed your DIY project, and you are ready to go!

But before you enter the cupboards into the easy on-line system, Click here for few more hints.

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