What are 2-Pack polyurethane painted doors?

2-Pack polyurethane painted cupboard doors are a type of cabinet door finish commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms, and other cabinetry applications. The term “2-Pack” refers to a two-component paint system involving a base paint and a hardener or activator that are mixed before application. This creates a Polyurethane Paint: Polyurethane is a versatile and robust type of paint known for its durability, resistance to wear, chemicals, and UV radiation. It creates a smooth and glossy surface that enhances the visual appeal of cupboard doors.

Polyurethane Paint: The first step involves preparing the substrate material, which is typically a medium-density fibreboard (MDF) or another
engineered wood. The substrate is cut with the desired edge and face profile.

Paint Colour: Edge banding provides a finished and polished look to the door, enhancing its appearance by creating a seamless and smooth edge.

Application Process: The painting process involves careful surface preparation, such as sanding and cleaning the doors, to ensure proper adhesion. The
base paint and hardener are mixed according to manufacturer specifications and applied using spray equipment to achieve an even coat. Proper ventilation
and protective gear are essential due to the potential release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during application.

Drying and Curing: After application, the painted doors are left to dry and cure. Polyurethane paints usually require longer drying times compared to
traditional paints due to their thicker nature and chemical composition.

In summary, although a more expensive door option, the resulting finish offers exceptional protection against wear, moisture, and UV radiation, enhancing
the doors’ aesthetics and longevity.

Seamless Edged Poly Paint Doors

Door Profile Selection (the same as for vinyl wrap doors)

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